Our tarnished threads forever bind thought to form and soul to mind.

Sanguine Designs welcomes you to Tarnished Threads: an online portfolio which explores a textured world of dark imagination.

In the Gallery pages, you will find a small collection of art, photography, promotional materials, and hand-made costumes.

If you would like to commission a unique or delightfully strange work of your own, please feel free to contact me through email, Facebook, or Etsy. Sanguine Designs offers unconventional designs in a wide variety of mediums: from paintings and posters, fliers or buisiness cards, to custom clothing and costume. While it is not inclusive of all of the work I have done, the Galleries hold many examples of my past creations.

Enjoy your exploration,

Roxanne Guildford ~ Artist, Designer


Sanguine Designs joins the Mad Merchant Traveling Emporium

Sanguine Designs has joined up with DRK1 Designs under the Mad Merchant Traveling Emporium to bring you new creations, accessories, and custom clothing for any special event!

I will be offering a new variety of new styles and recycled oddities under the Tarnished Threads line. Gloves, leggings, bustle skirts, arm warmers, scarves, vests, blouses, and other stylish accessories for the post-apocalyptic gentleman or gentlewoman will be available soon. All items are handmade and unique; most are made from natural or recycled materials.

DRK1 Designs continues to offer the Northern New England area (and lands beyond) original steampunk and club goggles, jewelry, leather accessories, and other unusual items in demand for the fashionable ethernaut. DRK1 Designs items are handmade or hand-modified to suit your needs.

Look for us in local conventions as we begin to expand our Traveling Emporium; or feel free to contact us on Facebook for custom orders.


Small Update

Uploaded a few new images to the Gallery of Designs. Starting to work on some new costumes. Will be posting more photos later once internet access is set up at my residence 🙂

The Tempest @ Lucid Stage

I haven’t had many projects in the past year to speak of (a dress here, a vest there), however over the past month I have been extremely caught up in costuming.

William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” is opening at Lucid Stage in Portland, ME this weekend. Director Adam Gutgsell decided to take this classic and add a bit of a twist; not only is the setting and costuming Steampunk, but he presents the story with a surprise ending (no spoilers here!).

I was referred to him as a costume designer, which is at once not unusual for me (I’ve done costuming for several stage performances/productions), but still a much bigger project then I’ve ever taken on. Never before had I been responsible for more than a couple pieces, let alone an entire cast!

So far it’s been an incredible learning experience, and hopefully will help boost my name a little in the Portland theater community 😛 We’ll see how things work out.  Steampunk Shakespeare is not unique in Portland, ME however I hope that I was able to help make this production something above and beyond what has been produced before.

Photos to come soon…


News to come… be prepared!

An Update (in real life)

Photo by Dreamers Realm

I have been so busy lately; I can’t seem to keep up with any of my journals, profile pages, or network sites. I generally try to keep those to a minimum anyway, but when I am just tired from working two jobs and busy with the design requests I’ve been getting lately, sometimes I just don’t want to be part of the Internet world. Instead, I much rather see people face to face, or not see anyone at all.

Unfortunately, working a full-time day job in an office, and a part-time weekend job as a secretary, you’re pretty much forced to see people all day long. At school, I also am inclined to see people, and even enjoy speaking to them every now and then. But, one great excuse for being anti-social when I finally return home in the evening is to claim that I have a deadline to meet, and I ‘just have to finish this poster.’ This is not at all untrue.

Over the past few weeks I have been working on designing logos and business cards for local artists, and more recently posters, fliers, or print ads for various upcoming shows: Dark Follies ~ Vaudeville Never Died! (which I am also performing in), Hollywood Dreams, Raqs Gothique 3, and Dark Arabian Nights. I am also sewing a yellow jumpsuit (from Kill Bill Vol. 1) for Hollywood Dreams, as well as costumes and masks for my duet for Vaudeville Never Died! Somewhere down the road, I need to order yards and yards of lightweight linen to complete my attempt at 16th century Ottoman garb for various SCA events this summer; I have also been drooling over some digital tablets and design software and have some great ideas for illustrations.

So while my creative juices are flowing at full velocity, I unfortunately haven’t had much time for personal art. But, I have been working with a lot of artists and helping them promote their ideas or themselves. I think that’s the best part of having a generally low- or un-paid ‘third’ job–being able to help artists get some quality advertisement out there that they normally could not afford.

And thus, here I am at work, wondering if I have time to slip home before my evening class tonight and make some corrections to one of my ads. Wishing that I had thought to bring my laptop with me so I could work on a poster during lunch… and realizing that might actually get me in a little trouble at my current job.

Oh well… there is no rest for the wicked, and honestly I sort of like things this way.

Etsy shop now open

I have created an Etsy shop to showcase some of the one-of-a-kind items I have created specifically for sale. My first item you may recognize from a recent image… she’s truly beautiful! If you like her, or would like something different, but as carefully hand-crafted, please feel free to contact me with your ideas.

The Gallery is Open

Sanguine’s Gallery of Designs is now updated and ready for viewing!
While I will be posting many images through my blog, my Gallery holds many of the older items I have worked on over the years, representing a wide range of work. Enjoy…

Android Experiment DEO2528